That's *so funny*, for I too love Garfield, Joan Crawford & Graham Greene novels.

Welcome to “Them Fatale” by me, your friend, Lauren John Joseph.

I‘ve made the move over here, replacing my old, much-loved, much-missed blog “Don’t Forget to Write!”, with a new style of writing and posting. It feels exciting and intimate to be sending out a newsletter at this point in time, so Twentieth Century! Perhaps I’m feeling nostalgic for the days of dial-up connections, and not knowing exactly how much of a creep Marilyn Manson was, or perhaps I am simply looking to extend a hand across the Covid wasteland and connect with you, dear unknown consciousness on the other side of the screen.

As you may have read earlier this week, Bloomsbury announced the publication of my novel, “At Certain Points We Touch,” which is beyond thrilling. (You can read the story in The Bookseller here if you missed it). Publishing is a slow business, novels take years upon years to write, for me at least, and the actual publication date of ACPWT is March 2022! My aim then, is to use this here newsletter as a way to counterbalance the languid pace of publishing by working quickly and joyously with new ideas of all kinds, following creative impulses, and sharing two new pieces a month. (That’s my proposed schedule anyway, though as I’m reliably informed that time does not exist as an independent variable, the flow may well fluctuate).

Some of what I write will inevitably find its way into a book, or a theatre piece, some of it will undoubtedly lead me down blind alleyways. But that, lover, is the fun of it all!

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